FCC Catalyst

    • Essence™Your day-to-day balanced formulation for VGO to low/medium resid feeds, with high activity zeolites and good coke selectivity

    • Enhance™Our proprietary resid formulation for resid cracking, bottoms upgrading, and metal tolerance

    • Evoke™A resid formulation target maximum gasoline yield

    • Excel™A VGO catalyst with low rare earth and excellent coke selectivity

    • Endure™A max distillate formulation with improved bottoms crackability

    • Extend™A unique formulation with fresh catalyst activity, also using reused and treated TSS fines in matrix

    • Erudite™A deep cracking catalyst

    • Agile™Our dual zeolite solution targeting optimized gasoline and LPG yield

    • Attain™A dual zeolite formulation with improved gasoline yield and octane number

Information of FCC Catalyst
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